all trains stop at Central! here we are, our final stop – Central Station! I started this project to become more familiar with the stops and suburbs along my train line and though I am quite familiar with Central, I’ve never really explored it like I have been doing the other stops. the other stations … Continue reading Central

Green Square

welcome to stop sixteen – Green Square! our last underground station and our second to the last stop! cue tears. I usually only get off here to catch a bus to my go-to film lab, Rewind Photo Lab, so this is the first time I’ll be exploring the area. the star of the show is … Continue reading Green Square


alighting at Mascot! stop fifteen on our journey – unlike the two previous stations, we’ll be exploring the suburb as I hear there are a lot of good eats ~ let’s see what we can find hehe as I walked around, I came across this really cool slide. I really wanted to go on it … Continue reading Mascot

Wolli Creek

welcome to Wolli Creek – the twelfth stop on our line! I took a lot more photos here however I cannot share them all as they turned out too grainy and overexposed for my liking. I decided to load 800 ISO film in anticipation of the upcoming underground stations but I wasn’t prepared on how … Continue reading Wolli Creek


welcome to Panania! stop number ten! I wonder what discoveries await us here. as I went up the stairs I was faced with a crossroad. which exit do I take? one of the station attendants were around and I asked her for her opinion. it turns out there are many shops on both sides so … Continue reading Panania

East Hills

stop nine on our trail is East Hills! here the architecture seems a bit more contemporary than our previous stations. I guess we have the sleek grey paint to thank for that! also, in case you were wondering, people do travel through these stations! I just tend to avoid photographing crowds when I can. another … Continue reading East Hills


we have reached stop eight on our map and we’re slowly inching our way to the city! now I knew beforehand that there really isn’t much to Holsworthy station – one side is a military base, and the other is a carpark. but, hang on a second, I’ve never explored the carpark! what’s so interesting … Continue reading Holsworthy


welcome to Ingleburn! as soon as you step out of the station, you’re greeted by plenty of local businesses and restaurants! there are a number of op-shops, takeaway, and fresh meats and produce to name a few. every time we go to Ingleburn though is such a treat because there are so many Filipino specialty … Continue reading Ingleburn


I thought I had explored all of Minto but this recent trip surprised me. the station alone excited me as if I was seeing it with fresh eyes. I guess that’s the beauty of this project, I feel as if everything is new to me. I’m truly becoming a tourist in my own city. though … Continue reading Minto